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Small Farm, Big Dream

Instead of dreaming about being a doctor, lawyer or teacher, I dreamt of being a mom, a farmer and a homemaker. I believe that we’ve all been given a different set of talents, and mine are service to my family! I have always been fascinated by homesteading and the “old” ways. Sewing, gardening, canning/food preservation, raising livestock, milking, and of course soap making!!! Learning to be self reliant is a dying art. 

Primitive soap making was a necessity, and it was a dirty job to get clean. Wood ashes, rain water and animal fats were transformed into bars of soap used for the family’s needs, and as a product for trading. Fast forward to today...I’m still using the same science, but making beautiful artisan soaps with fragrant scents. I milk my dairy goats every morning, and use that raw, fresh goats milk to make luxurious skin care products. The addition of goats milk to soap creates a bar that is truly a treat for your skin. Then, the art begins. Roses, swirls, hand piping, pour techniques, clays, micas, embedding, scent blending...this isn’t grandma’s soap!!! 

I strive to create a top quality, skin loving, “smells good enough to eat”, product that makes you feel great inside and out! But don’t leave the bars on display or say “oh I don’t want to ruin it!” 

Life is short! Use the pretty soap!!


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Patterson’s Farm

35 Bae Circle, Marietta, OH 45750, US



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